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Recognizing the importance of Driver satisfaction, AETN has developed a Training solution that addresses emerging trends in the industry. The Company’s proposed solution revolves around implementing a Just in Time (JIT) Driver management and automation program. By automating various manual steps in the Hiring/Onboarding Process of CDL-A Drivers, AETN streamlines operations, enabling faster and more efficient and comprehensive drivers. The logistics solution offered by AETN seamlessly integrates with a wide range of user difficulty levels. This compatibility allows drivers to leverage the benefits of improved productivity throughout the entire sales cycle.

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Changing the Standards one DRIVER at a time

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Driver Compensation Challenges:


Supply Chain Disruptions


Lack of Comprehensive Driver Support Services

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The fragmented nature of the trucking industry has led to inconsistencies in driver compensation practices. Many truck drivers face difficulties in earning fair and competitive wages, which can contribute to job dissatisfaction and high turnover rates. AETN main focus is on the drivers.

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Supply chain disruptions present a multifaceted challenge, involving intricate supplier dependencies, competitive setbacks, and an ever-growing need for resilience. The expanding global complexity exacerbates vulnerabilities to these disruptions. Effective management is essential to fortify resilience, improve efficiency, and navigate these intricate challenges.

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Currently, there is a notable gap in the trucking industry when it comes to providing full support services to truck drivers. This includes comprehensive training programs, guidance on business formation, and support for drivers to transition into owner operators. The absence of such services limits drivers’ career growth opportunities and inhibits their ability to achieve financial independence.

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American Eli Truck Network is at the forefront of impactful solutions, directly addressing industry challenges. Our commitment SURPASSES convention as we tackle multifaceted obstacles that impede progress.

Primarily, we're committed to tackling Driver Compensation Challenges head-on, recognizing drivers' pivotal role in commerce. Our strategic initiatives aim to establish compensation reflecting their value, ensuring financial well-being and job satisfaction.

We comprehend the disruptive nature of the Supply Chain, and how it is crucial in today's seamless movement of goods. By implementing robust management and mitigation strategies, we can bolster resilience, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate the complexities of today's supply chains. TOGETHER, we'll strengthen OUR position in the market, ensure compliance, and effectively manage risks, ultimately achieving a smoother and more reliable supply chain operation.

Moreover, we're attuned to the Lack of Comprehensive Driver Support Services. TRUCKING DEMANDS MORE—a robust support system. AETN provides comprehensive assistance, addressing practicalities and driver well-being, fostering belonging in our community.

In essence, American Eli Truck Network catalyzes change. With focused endeavors and a COMMITTED approach, we transcend challenges and elevate industry standards.

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We started American Eli as drivers believing those of us who truly love our job are the heart & soul of trucking. We wanted to stand for something different - Evolving as a driver-centric company, creating an atmosphere of meaningful productivity. We know this results in exceptional service that our valued customers can appreciate.

Ready for a spin behind the wheel?

At American Eli Truck Network, we believe in the power of second chances. Our 2nd Chance Hiring Program is not just a policy; it's a testament to our commitment to making a difference in the lives of individuals who deserve an opportunity to rebuild their futures. Here's why this program is so crucial and why we need ALL drivers to join our mission:

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Stand with Us. Together, We ARE the industry.

1. Rebuilding Lives:

Life can throw unexpected challenges at ANYONE, leading some down the wrong path. Our 2nd Chance Hiring Program offers those who've faced adversity the chance to rebuild their lives through stable employment.

2. Tapping into Untapped Talent:

There are countless individuals with incredible potential who've made mistakes but are eager to turn their lives around. Our program unlocks this hidden talent pool, benefiting both drivers and the industry.

3. Strengthening Families:

Employment stability has a ripple effect on families. When we give someone a second chance, we're helping to support not only them but their loved ones as well, breaking the cycle of generational hardship

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